The New Cole/Marr Photography Kootenai Valley Photo Excursions & New Lower Level Coffeehouse Location

The Cole/Marr Coffeehouse has Joined the underground ! The new location is with the Photo Gallery downstairs. Very cool, very intimate and closer to the photography and art. Now exhibiting images by naturalists and educators David Marr & Kristen Cole

Our new north expansion is nestled into the Selkirk Mountains of Boundary County Idaho, between The Kootenai National Wildlife Reserve and The Nature Conservancy’s Ball Creek Ranch  Preserve,  1/4 mile from the Kootenai river and 8 mi. from Canada. Within 5 miles of this adorable lodge are Grizzlies, Black Bears, Inland Caribou, Bald and Golden Eagles, Wolverines , Badgers, White Tail and Mule Deer, Great Grey Owls, Moose, Elk, Lnyx. Pumas, River Otters, Swans, Bobcat and more. The views are breathtaking!! Cole/Marr will continue to be caretakers of the wildlife of Idaho, and this new venture into the wilds of the Selkirks will be a new watch tower to observe, protect ,and celebrate Idaho's amazing wildlife.  We are currently booking for the 2013   3 day workshops. Come to the Wilds of idaho and the Kootenai Valley in The Selkirk Mountains. Call 336-7630 for dates and pricing.


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