Cole/Marr Coffeehouse


The Cole/Marr Coffeehouse is a very comfortable gallery space with couches, easy chairs and Fine Art Photography images.  Within that space is an espresso bar that compliments our clients experience while viewing the art and conducting business in an upscale non-abrasive environmnet.  No loud music, just cool jazz.
If you are into fresh comfort foods baked daily by an old world, family owned local bakery instead of prepackaged pastries delivered by UPS from Seattle, along with Idaho roasted coffee, you might want to drop in and actually enjoy a fine espresso or  cup of DOMA  coffee.
While conducting a business meeting or enjoying the company of special friends without screaming across the table at each other may seem a little odd at other coffee shops, here at Cole/Marr Coffeehouse it just seems right.
HOURS:  10:00am - 5pm     Monday through Saturday  
                         CLOSED   SUNDAY
                                       Open til  9pm  every  First Thursday Event







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