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  • Dec 2

    Photo I

    A light management class to introduce the functions of digital and film cameras. Stop action, show action, depth of focus, metering, limitations of digital and film formats. Contrast ratios 6-9pm Nov 4 & 5th FULL; Dec 2 & 3rd; Jan 6 & 7th Tuition $95

  • Oct 28

    Photo II

    Studies of lens perspectives, filters, on board flashes and studio flashes, tripods, camera bags, hand held and on board meters, motordrives, digital storage facilities. Vibration reduction lenses, macro lenses, and suggested equipment for each type of image. 6-9 p.m. Oct 28 &29th; Nov 11 & 12th; Dec 9 & 10th; Jan 13 & 14th Tuition $95

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    Darkroom I

    Introduction to B&W film processing and printing. Orientation of darkroom equipment, with introduction to Ansel Adams' minimum through clear film printing techniques. Tuition $125.00 COLE/MARR HAS DARKROOMS FOR RENT

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    Darkroom II

    Advanced studies in Fine Art Printing, with emphasis on print control. Variable contrast and split contrast printing, paper types, toning for permanence and effects, print evaluation and portfolio review. Tuition $125.00

  • Oct 14


    A Visual language class, this workshop teaches how as humans we relate to visual stimuli.The instructor will teach students how to construct images that will evoke responses from the viewer that the photographer intended. Student's work will be evaluated. Oct 14 & 15th; Dec 16 & 17; Jan 20 & 21st 6 - 9pm Tuition $125.00

  • Nov 18

    Photoshop I

    Adobe Photoshop introduction class. Covers monitor calibration, basic tools, printer profiles, color corrections, intro to portrait retouching, media storage, and workflow. Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, and CS3/6 programs explored. Oct 8 & 9th FULL; or Nov 18 & 19th; Jan 27 & 28th 6-9pm Tuition $175

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    Photoshop II

    Adobe Photoshop intermediate class. Introduction to advanced tools, layers, creative print building, filters, creation of photo composites, portrait retouching, and art of archival ink jet print making. 6-9pm Tuition $175.00

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    Studio Still Life

    In the Cole/Marr Studios students will create art and commercial product shots that promote creative thinking. Lighting techniques, camera formats, lens perspectives. Students receive hands on instruction. Tuition $125.00

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    Wildlife Photography

    An informative workshop on tracking & photographing wildlife using non-invasive, stalking techniques. All equipment that pertains to wildlife photography will be discussed. Students are invited to attend the in field demos. Tuition $175.00

  • Oct 24-26

    Cole/Marr FALL Photography Safari

    The Kootenai Valley 3 day Photography Safari. Please Press the Kootenai Workshop icon to explore this wonderful photo workshop. Fri-Sun $495.00pp (double occupancy)

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    Portrait Photography

    This workshop teaches proper lens choice and camera type for various types of portrait photography. Studio and on board flash systems and effect filters are also covered. Proper business ethics are discussed and hands on demos are performed. Second session each student is allowed studio time to photograph a subject in the Cole/Marr studio. Tuition $125.00 6 - 9pm

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    The Fine Art Photography Workshop

    In the old world tradition of apprenticeship, the "Fine Art" workshop is conducted with one instructor per student. Large format cameras, zone system, commercial and art photography are covered. B&W fine art negative developing and printing, portfolio review, 4x5 camera rental and materials included Tuition $2,600.00

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    The Business Of Photography

    An informative workshop on starting and growing a photography business. Fine Art, product, portrait, freelance, stock, architecture, are juist a few of the topics discussed. A tell it like it is, realist approach to the business. . Tuition $375.00

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    Matting and Framing

    This workshop teaches the student lots of options for mounting, matting and framing archival and non-archival photographs. Demonstrations will provide working knowledge of mat cutting and proper presentation. A frame kit is included. Class size is 1 to 3 students -- our schedule for this workshop is flexible. We will set a date to accommodate you. Call if you would like to register Tuition $175.00

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    Point & Shoot Digital Cameras

    A easy intro to digital point and shoot cameras. Basic controls, basic composition, white balance, exposure, and some easy do's and don'ts ! Fun and informative !! Great for the younger student....

  • Oct 2

    First Thursday Photography Art Exhibition

    Cole/Marr presents First Thursday Photography Exhibit "Under the Blue Sage Moon" Photographer Robert Whitlatch Meet the artist, enjoy comfort foods, and support the arts in Boise. Reception 6 - 9 pm

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    CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULE POLICIES: 24 HOUR notice must be given to cancel or reschedule a workshop. A "NO SHOW" or cancellation less than 24 hours will incur a $10.00 reschedule fee. Although we DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS on workshops, you may apply your tuition within 1 year of cancellation, toward any other workshop, trip, or service Cole/Marr offers. TUITION/ENROLL: Payment must be received 7 days prior to workshop start date in order to secure your enrollment in any workshop.


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