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The Cole/Marr Photography Workshops were established in 1975 in the colonial village of Sturbridge, Mass. We had a darkroom with two enlargers, a classroom that could accommodate five students. But we had a great passion for the art of photography. Today after 30 years of teaching and applying all of our skills to commercial and art photography assignments throughout North America, Cole/Marr has landed for good in Boise, Idaho. Since 1996 we have brought to the Treasure Valley a fun and educational photo workshop series that is as fulfilling to beginners as well as advanced image makers.

Although we hold steadfast and are fully committed to traditional photographic principles, we also embrace new and exciting digital imaging technologies.

Located in the newly renovated Boise Cultural Center, Cole/Marr now has 3 darkrooms, studio shooting areas, student and instructor galleries, photo library, framing and matting, digital workstations and conducts photo safaris to Alaska and other exciting destinations.

If you have a passion for photography, here at the Cole/Marr Photography Workshops we can help your vision soar...


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